Over Betting Itus!

You have stayed in this pot searching for the elusive nut flush draw. You are so sure your opponent has top pair with a good kicker. On the turn he makes a two-thirds pot size bet and you convince yourself to make the call because you have the correct implied odds. The river falls down from the dealer’s hand like an angel falling from the sky. You all of a sudden love implied odds! You now have the nuts. You have to value bet. You are trying to figure out how much the guy will call. Your timer starts to beep. Your time is running out. You move all-in for a monstrous over bet and your opponent folds his hand.

Has this ever happened to you?

If it has then you have been struck by a case of over betting itus but don’t worry there is a cure. When you know you have the nuts in a game of poker there is a natural instinct that will kick in. This instinct will remind you that you cannot lose and it will give you all the reasons under the sun why your opponent will call your all-in bet. This is the only time you can safely put all your dough in the middle safe in the knowledge that you cannot lose. Unfortunately, this almost instinctive action is costing you money.

The cure?

Get better at hand reading and reading the actions of your opponent. Armed with better and more detailed knowledge you can make the correct bet size on the river quicker and more accurately than before.


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