Poker: Repeated Behaviour

Human beings are very susceptible to repeated types of behaviour. Most, if not all of us, display characteristics learned from our parents, for example. We pick behaviours up and they stick to us like glue, and in poker this can become a real problem.

Most players use almost identical betting patterns in similar situations. They will bet 2/3rds pot every time they make a continuation bet; they will three-bet the exact same size each time, and their value bets on the river are always pot-sized - and these are the professional players.

The amateur and recreational players go one step further. These types of players will make 5x pre flop raise sizes with aces and kings, limp/call with all pocket pairs and 3x raise everything in between.

The predictability of these types of players is great, and it often includes the aged classics: the minimum check-raise and limp/re-raise with aces and kings.

Learning to understand these types of patterns is like printing money. It enables you to escape a potential loss of chips by making very easy folds with very strong hands.

Another thing to be mindful of is your own behaviour. Are you also displaying betting patterns that can be exploited by your opponents? Do you only ever over bet the pot with the nuts on the river, trying to make it look like a bluff?

Are you always betting your draws and checking back your made hands? Do you always bet the ace high boards when you miss, and check back when you hit them hard?

Be aware of the habits of your body and your mind. Stop that repeated behaviour; mix it up a bit.


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