Casino War is a game where luck plays a big role. Like the toss of a coin, the war can be won or lost!

Casino War

If you're intimidated by complicated casino games or those which require some sort of skill (like Blackjack), you should definitely opt for a no-brainer which makes it possible to win money on a coin-toss like event or on the spin of a reel.

Slot machines are great for such fun, but quite frankly they're rather impersonal and after a while they may end up boring for a player who's not a fanatic.

Such people can play Casino War, which is the simplest card-game available in a casino. As children, we've all played war. For those of you who may not be familiar with the game, it's about betting on whether or not the card one player draws is higher than the card the other player gets. This is exactly what Casino War is about and here are the detailed rules:

  • Casino War is played with 6 decks. The card rankings are the same as in poker (2 is the smallest card, A is the biggest, and Aces are always high), suits are not considered.
  • Players place their wagers and then the dealer hands everyone one card including himself.
  • Cards are then compared and if a player has a higher card than the dealer he wins even money on his wager.
  • If the dealer happens to draw the higher card, the player loses his wager.

Sometimes the dealer's card will match the player's card, in which case a draw is declared. Under such circumstances, the player can choose to either surrender and to get one half of his wager back, or to go to war against the dealer. Here's where it gets tricky. If the player does go to war he will have to raise his initial wager with the same amount (to double it up) and the dealer will raise his too. Then the dealer burns 3 cards and deals the player another card then deals himself one too. The only problem for the player is that if he loses the bet, he loses both his wagers. If the dealer wins, he loses his second bet but the first one is considered a push.

This is where the house edge and the negative EV for the player creeps into the equation. Many a player believes Casino War is basically a 50-50 game, and will therefore favor it over roulette, craps or whatever else. The House edge is induced by the above described rules.

If the player tries to avoid the house edge by avoiding the war, he still won't get far because surrender means he'll forfeit half his initial bet, which is a sure loss.

Casino War may not require you to strain your brain over strategic intricacies but make it a part of your strategy to always go to war when you happen upon a draw. If you surrender, the house edge against you will be 3.7%. If you go to war every time, it will only be 2.8%.

At some casinos and online casinos, the second tie (another tie following the first one) in Casino War results in a bonus equal to the size of the initial wager. Some casinos are trickier about it. They say the raise pays 3-1 but the initial bet loses, which pretty much means the same thing mathematically.

A bet on the second tie is also available and this bet pays 10-1.



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