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Thoughts on Playing Team Bingo Online

How to Play

Team Bingo is one of the many exciting ways to participate in online Bingo. Teams consist of three to five players. Simply choose some friends (either online or offline) to join the team, and come up with an imaginative team name. For most online sites, team entries must be in by the 7th of the month to qualify for that month's competition.ScoringScoring in Team Bingo is straightforward. Every "Bingo" achieved by one of your team during designated team games, counts towards the team's monthly total. The team with the highest monthly total wins a cash prize (which varies from site to site). Different sites have different methods for resolving ties.

Tips & StrategyWhilst Team Bingo remains a game predominantly of chance, there are several pointers that may aid your chances of success.Avoid Overcrowded GamesGames with a huge number of cards in play are means the odds of winning are stacked against you. Online team bingo is usually played at specific times, so this may be unavoidable. However, if possible, try to find a game where the prize is relatively large compared to the number of cards being played.

This will make the percentages work in your favour. Stick with the same siteNew players often change online bingo sites frequently. Stick to a single bingo site, where you can get to know people and benefit from their experience.Selecting CardsThe smart player always plays the percentages. Don't buy a lot of cards for the biggest prizes, as other players are sure to do likewise. Some bingo experts say four is the optimal number of cards a player should hold. When it comes to which numbers are on the cards, there are two different schools of thought. The conservative school believes that the numbers on the cards should be as different as possible.

The logic is that, if you have the same number on multiple cards and that number is not called, then you compromise the winning chance of several cards. Therefore, having as many different numbers as possible minimizes the chances of compromising more than one card at a time.Team Bingo is a fast, fun game with the opportunity to meet others from all walks of life, with a shared interest in playing bingo online.

Chat rooms allow you to network and to share tips and success, thus providing not only the social element of Bingo, as well as the gaming element.

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