Online Bingo can't get any simpler! You decide how many bingo cards to play, and the software does the rest for you! You do however get to shout "BINGO", but only if you want to!

Online Bingo

Why play bingo?

Bingo is generally viewed as quiet little pastime mostly suited for senior citizens. While it may indeed be suited for senior citizens, it seems like there's more to the game than one would think at a first glance.

According to a research conducted by the Psychology Dept. of the University of Southampton, bingo carries some rather unexpected benefits for the elderly who play it. Well the test wasn't run just on elderly people, but he results that it yielded may concern the elderly more than anyone else.

It has been proven that bingo players had an increased ability to absorb information from the surrounding environment, their mental speed was up and their memory was sharper when compared to non bingo playing test subjects.

People of various age brackets were tested, and rather surprisingly, in some tests older players performed better than their younger counterparts. Bingo players outperformed their non-bingo playing counterparts without exception though.

The explanation as to why bingo keeps people sharper could be in the time constraint specific to the game which forces players to check their numbers as quickly as possible.

Whether or not these same benefits carry over to online bingo is uncertain. Features like auto daubing may make it easier for players to play, but in the same time they kill the very benefits described above.

How to play bingo?

Bingo is a highly addictive form of gambling. Players purchase bingo cards on which numbers are featured. A game official makes the draw and reads out the resulting numbers which the players will have to mark on their bingo cards. The goal is to obtain a pattern which features the letters BINGO. As soon as the required pattern is obtained, the winning player has to shout Bingo!

Bingo is played in special halls where large groups of people play at the same time. Nowadays, you can play bingo from home too as online bingo rooms have sprung up by the tens and even hundreds lately. Bingo is not traditionally considered a casino game, so online bingo rooms are usually separate from online casino operations. Most online bingo rooms feature almost fully automated software, so players will have plenty of time to take part in other activities. Most bingo rooms have special chat managers whose role is to entertain bingo players through chat games (these games often feature real prizes) and other such special offers. Online bingo is radically different from live bingo but the social element of it all is retained.

Where to play bingo?

The most straightforward way to start playing bingo right away is to look up an online bingo room, to join and to make a deposit. The whole process shouldn't take longer than a few minutes and you'll be in business before you know it. To find a good bingo room (which actually pays out your winnings), check out some review sites and community forums. Online bingo rooms, like poker rooms and casinos, are reviewed by specialists and the gaming community is quick to spot any incidents.


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