Is Online Bingo a Unisex Game?

A few decades ago there was a general mindset that bingo is a game that is and should be played by the women only. But that conservative belief has diminished in recent years and bingo is now a game that is played on daily basis by both men and women from all the parts of the world.

In the previous centuries, bingo was considered a game for the retired or elderly ladies, who used to play bingo in makeshift halls that were usually filled with smoke. The environment was slow and unattractive and therefore, bingo garnered an unwanted reputation of old people’s game.

But then bingo stepped foot in the internet world and it quickly erased that previous image and replaced it with the one in which all the generations participated with the same enthusiasm.
Youngsters have developed a liking for it too due to the online socialisation factor. The environment and game pace has been increased too that matches the newer generations’ need for speed. The high graphical interface, quick paced action and the chance to win it big has quickly enticed now audience that was previously considered not suitable for bingo.

But women remain the most avid players of online bingo and therefore, the game attracts men too. Where there is a bingo hall there must be women and what else do men need other than a chance to hit on the ladies and make big money very fast at the cost of pennies.

The primary demographic for bingo players on the internet isn’t necessarily old women as some would make you believe. The female age group of 20-50 is the most active one and this proves that bingo is a game for every age. In fact the trend has shifted from old to young. This is because old people aren’t as familiar and don’t have as much access to the internet as the young ones do. Hence, on online bingo websites, you would frequently find tons of young women waiting to socialise and play their favourite game.

The bottom line is that bingo may have been an ‘elderly’ game in the past but since its arrival on the internet in 1990s, it has become a game for every generation’s men and women.

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