Loose slot machines, what does it imply? Is there really such a thing as a loose slot?

Some Loose Slots Theory

Everyone knows there are tight slots and loose slots in every casino.

Nobody tries to keep this fact a secret, on the contrary: casino operators display the payout rates on every machine, some of which are noticeably higher than others.

The payout rate is basically the house edge put into a positive form. It sounds a lot better when one says the casino is giving you $98 on every $100 invested than that it takes $2 on every $100 you deposit, doesn't it? The higher the casino payout percentages, the lower the house edge, thus the better the odds the player shall have on the game.Furthermore, the payout rate concerns the game's turnover over a very long period of time. You won't get exactly $98 back on your $100 deposit, you might only get $50 back, or, in the case of a win, even $1,000.

The payout rate is something that asserts its influence over several thousand, possibly several million spins.How come that not all players flock onto the best payout rate machines then? On one hand, most casual gamblers never even bother to check payout rates, on the other hand winning is quite possible at lower payout machines as well.

Regular Vegas gamblers have all sorts of theories regarding where the best paying slot machines are usually positioned in a casino. People usually look for reasons and logic even where there is none, but some of the arguments these guys come up with make sense indeed. One such theory suggests that loose slot machines are never placed near the entrance of a casino. After all, the casino wants its patrons to venture further inside in order to see everything that's on offer, and maybe spend more on higher stakes games.

While there is some sense in this theory, it could be a long-shot.Another theory says, near the coffee shop is a place for big winnings on slot machines. The reason is, that the casino supposedly doesn't want its patrons eating and drinking instead of gambling, so they try to entice them back into the action by letting them see other players win. That is supposed to whet their appetite for playing again, so they'll cut the break short and head back.

This theory too, is built around a reasonable core. Whether someone will cut their own coffee break short though, because they see someone win on a machine they themselves have no business with whatsoever, is not highly likely. Plus, the fact that you see a player or two win, doesn't mean that the casino has just clicked into "generous mode" and it's giving money away so that you need to run back to get your own cut of the loot.The vicinity of the table games is supposed to be a very cold spot slot machines-wise. The theory says, that table gamers hate slots, therefore there's not much point in placing loose machines next to them as they're not likely to play anyway. This theory is probably the frailest of them all. Why would someone on a coffee break be enticed by the sight of a person winning,while, in the same time a roulette player wouldn't care.

If this phenomenon is indeed happening, it's quite possible that the casino doesn't want to draw players away from games which pack much heftier house edges than the slot machines.

Elevated areas in the casino are supposed to play host to some of the loosest machines out there. People can see these machines well from just about any corner of the hall, and what better advertising would a casino need than having winners on display? This makes a lot of sense indeed, however, the if those machines were indeed the best paying ones in the casino, nobody would bother playing any of the others. They'd probably stand in line for the generous ones instead, and that would truly be the very last thing the casino wanted.

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