Poker: Barreling in Poker

No, we are not talking about a strange Nordic game involving a wooden barrel and a body of water; we are talking about one of the most used phrases pulled directly from the dictionary of poker lingo. 

Barreling is the phrase used in poker live tournaments when you string a series of bets together during an act of aggressive poker where you have the lead.

If you raise pre flop, receive a caller, and then bet the flop, it is known as a continuation bet. Players often refer to this action as firing the first barrel. 

If the dealer then burns and turns fourth-street and you once again bet, then this action is known as firing your second barrel. 

If your stubborn opponent calls for the second time and you see a river and bet, this action is known as firing your third barrel. If you put all four betting motions together then it is known as barreling on online poker tips websites. 

Barreling is a very aggressive act and one where the results can be fatal. The biggest problem with barreling is the fact that the pots become so big, that by the time you reach the river you, or your opponent, could be all-in.

So, barreling is a great option if you have the nuts and are facing a player who cannot lay down middle pair. But it can be a royal pain in the buttocks if you are firing blanks against the same person.

If you are going to barrel all three streets then you really need to understand the nature of your opponent, as the fatal wound could well be yours.

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