Omaha Poker is very similar to it's more well known counter part Texas Hold'em, but is just as enjoyable.

Omaha Poker

History of Omaha Poker

BlackjackOmaha Poker is a lot like Texas Hold'em Poker. It is said that Poker first appeared in the 16th Century and originated from a Card game in Persia known as As Nas. As Nas was played using 25 cards using five different suits much like 5 card stud. The card rankings used today are much like the ones that were used in As Nas.

Omaha Poker moved onto Europe where it became known as pochen or poque which means "poker". It then made its way to the US and became sought after and played by millions.

Poker made its first appearance in New Orleans in the 1800s and moved rapidly to the West where there were no laws and the desire to take risks it was the ideal place to produce poker.

Poker has always been very popular but was never really accepted socially which is possibly one of the reasons why it became so sought after. It then moved onto the West, then to Mississippi and later to California during the Gold Rush. It then made its place in Las Vegas where it has grown and has become the Gambling Capital of the World.

The Game

The game of Omaha Poker resembles Texas Hold'em poker in many ways but there are differences. Poker players must produce a good 5 card combination using 9 cards. The nine cards you use are made up of 5 community cards and 4 pocket cards. Higher hands are then resulted by this. To make the hand two cards must be used by the players from the pocket and 3 cards from the community cards.

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