Blackjack is one of the leading table games at any casino - be it online or landbased.


History of Blackjack

BlackjackIt is said that Blackjack originated from a variety of French games such as "chemin de fer" and "French Ferme". Dating back from as early as the 1700's. Blackjack was seen in the French casinos where it was first known as "vingt-et-un" which means twenty-and-one. Blackjack was first noticed in the United States around the 1800's and after casino gambling was re-legalized in 1931 it later became one of Nevada's leading games of chance. In order to get Blackjack to become noticed the gambling houses tried offering different bonuses to grab their attention. One such bonus was a 10-to-1 payout if the player's hand had the ace of spades and a black Jack (either the Jack of spades or clubs). This hand became known as the "blackjack" and the name stuck which is why it is called Blackjack today.

How to Play Blackjack

The aim of Blackjack is to get the highest total to the number 21 but must not exceed that number. Cards numbers between 2 and 10 are worth their face value and cards such as jack, king or queen are all worth 10. An ace is either worth 11 or 1 depending on the value needed to get to 21.

The player's aim is to beat the dealers hand by having the higher, unbusted hand to twenty one. Even if the dealer busts (gets over 21) the player will also bust regardless. In the event of both the dealer and the player having the same number it is known as a push and none of them wins the hand.

Various Betting Options

Depending on the Blackjack you are playing you are allowed to double your original bet. When you decide to double your original wager you are given only one card and thereafter you must stand.

Insurance allows protection for the player when the dealer has a Blackjack. If the dealer does not have a Blackjack then the insurance will only payout 2 to 1 if the player wins.

Online Blackjack allows you to split your cards up to 3 times. In other variations you aren't allowed to split aces more than once but can splitcards when cards of the same value are dealt in the first or second deal. One hand gets divided into two hands when you split and the original wager gets placed twice and these hands are then played separately.

When you feel that your hand is weak you have the option to surrender your hand which results in you loosing half your original wager.

General Blackjack rules

The player is only allowed to use a maximum of 9 cards to get to 21 and the dealer has to stand if he reaches.

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